Why do players sometimes use paint thinner and spray paint to protect themselves?

The NFL is aware of the issue and the league office has been working with its players and coaches to address it.

In an email, the league said that while the league’s Safety Department has been involved with this issue, it has not been involved in the process.

“We have had our team safety and safety-related teams look into the issue, and they have made the safety decisions they have,” said NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy.

“In terms of the paint thinner issue, the safety teams have made safety decisions based on their research and we are continuing to work with our players and their families on this issue.”

A team safety team member is shown in this undated photo provided by the NFL.

The NFL said that the league is aware that paint thinner has been used to protect players and the team.

However, the NFL says it is not aware of any instances where players have been sprayed with paint thinner.

“The safety teams will continue to work closely with our player safety and team safety teams and our NFLPA to help our players with any concerns,” the league wrote.

“As part of that process, we will continue our efforts to educate our players on paint thinner usage and to work to better educate our fans on the safety of our game.”

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