Which states are going to suffer the most under Trump’s budget?

In the final days before the midterm elections, The American Conservatives took a look at the states that are likely to see the biggest cuts under Trump, from a conservative perspective.

Below are a few key points to keep in mind if you’re wondering how states are likely hit the hardest under the Trump administration.1.

Arizona: Trump wants to spend $9.4 billion on a wall and border wall in Arizona, and the state has been a target of his attacks.

The Arizona governor, Doug Ducey, said on the campaign trail in 2015 that the wall is a national security issue, adding that he would “absolutely” spend the money on a border wall.

He also said he would spend the funds on border security.

On Tuesday, the Arizona legislature approved a bill that would add $300 million to the state’s rainy day fund for a border security project.

Duceys bill will add $3 billion to the wall bill.

Arizona Gov.

Doug Duces home state is not only vulnerable to Trump, but also Arizona voters.

Arizona has a population of about 15 million, according to Census data.

Trump’s win has put Arizona at the forefront of the immigration debate.

He won the state by a larger margin than any other Republican candidate in the primary and is currently leading in national polls.2.

Connecticut: Trump is going to be a huge beneficiary of the state budget cuts in his budget.

The budget cuts come with a number of provisions that affect Connecticut residents, including cuts to education funding, funding for early childhood education, and funding for programs that support the state economy.

Connecticut is not the only state that is under a budget squeeze.

In Pennsylvania, which also has a Republican governor, the state is also under a $5 billion budget cut.3.

Maine: Trump will be a big beneficiary of Maine’s budget cuts.

The governor’s budget has been the focus of much of the presidential campaign, and in particular in 2016, he called on supporters to “get out and vote” for him.

Maine will be one of the first states to vote on Trump’s proposal to eliminate the state-funded universal pre-K program.

In addition to cutting funding for public schools and preschool, the governor’s plan would eliminate funding for Maine’s Medicaid expansion.

The state is currently in the middle of a budget battle, as well.4.

Montana: Trump has already announced plans to cut funding for the state Department of Environmental Quality.

The move comes as Montana is facing a crisis of coal ash pollution and the Trump Administration has already threatened to cut off federal funds.

Trump has also pledged to repeal the Affordable Care Act.5.

New Jersey: The state budget is in the red.

In January, Gov.

Chris Christie announced that the state was on the brink of a $3.9 billion budget deficit.

Christie said he will slash the state workforce by 3.7 percent, which would have a significant impact on New Jerseyans’ jobs.

Christie has also called on the state to close schools, but in a statement released Tuesday he said he is still in the process of “building an inclusive workforce.”

New Jersey is also in the midst of a public school budget crisis, and Christie said that the closure of public schools will be an important tool to help resolve the state crisis.6.


Maine is not exactly a favorite of Trump.

The Republican governor has been one of his harshest critics during the campaign, having attacked Trump’s lack of leadership, his lack of empathy for the poor, and his failure to secure the border.

However, Trump won Maine in November.

He was a strong frontrunner in the state, and polls showed that he was favored to win.7.

Florida: Florida is a battleground state, especially in a presidential election year.

The Florida Democratic Party will hold its convention in Miami in October, and Democrats are likely hoping to boost their support in the Sunshine State, where Trump is polling at about 30 percent in the latest national polls and where his running mate, Mike Pence, was heavily favored.

According to the Miami Herald, the Trump campaign is also likely to take advantage of this election season to push for voter suppression laws.8.

Pennsylvania: Trump’s proposed cuts in the budget will affect Pennsylvania’s Democratic Gov.

Tom Wolf.

The proposed cuts will be part of a larger package of tax cuts and spending cuts that Wolf has introduced that include a tax cut for businesses and corporations and a $300 billion tax cut.

Wolf has previously called Trump a “bigot,” and Trump has called him a “phony” for not releasing his tax returns.9.

North Carolina: North Carolina is a state with a large African American population.

Under Trump, North Carolina has faced severe cuts to the African American community.

In May, Trump proposed a budget that would cut $100 million from the state government.

However in an interview with the Associated Press on Tuesday, North Carolinians who are concerned about cuts in services to the community were not satisfied with the cuts, saying that