Which Paint Brushes Can You Get?

Interior paint brushes can cost anywhere from $5 to $100 per pound, depending on the color and texture, according to the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

For interior cabinets, a typical brush will cost about $5.00.

For exterior walls, a standard brush will set you back $5 and up.

Here are some things to consider before buying a paint brush: Size: A brush is typically designed to work on two different types of paint.

Paint with a softer, matte surface is easier to work with.

Paint that is more opaque, like paint that is highly pigmented, can be more difficult to work.

Price: Some brushes have a price tag that’s hard to tell apart.

For example, the Brushes of Freedom ($35) costs $15, while the Classic Brush ($39) is about $35.

You can buy brushes online or at a paint store.

Size: Brushes are generally made for the home or office, not a full-blown outdoor use.

The brushes should have a handle that can be used for easy cleaning, and they should be designed to hold a large amount of paint, so you won’t have to clean the brush frequently.

Price (per pound): A standard brush at Walmart will set at $10, but it’s more affordable to buy a smaller brush ($10 to $15).

Brushes that are larger than a standard size, like the Professional Brush ($49), can cost between $30 and $80.

Size (in.

x 3/4 in.): Brushes should be about 1/4-in.


You don’t want to use a brush that’s too long or too small for the job.

Color: Brushs should have the desired color, so if you don’t like a particular color, you can buy a different one.

If you need more paint, you’ll need to pay for a larger brush.

The cheaper the paint, the more paint you need.

The more paint that you need, the less time it will take to get the brush, according the National Foundation for Home Paint.

Size and thickness: Brushers that have thinner, more porous surfaces can also have thicker, more durable brushes.

If your brush has a thinner coating, it will work better with thinner paint.

The thicker the paint is, the thicker the brush will need to be to keep the paint in place.

The thinner the paint will be, the harder it is to remove paint, which makes it easier to get paint off the brush.

Tip: When purchasing a paintbrush, look at the manufacturer’s website for more details on how to choose a brush, the color, the amount of coverage and the amount that will last.

The larger the brush you choose, the longer the handle and more paint will have to be used.

For more information, read our guide to painting paint.