Which one of the above is best for a beach house?

We asked you which one is the best for your beach house.

We also asked you what you liked about it.

Read on for the results of our poll.


The Big House by Big Blue Architect The Big Blue House by Bali Architect is one of our favourites for a small beach house in Bali.

It’s the perfect size, but the house also has an amazing view of the water.


The Pianos by Piazza Dei in the Palazzo di Storia by Pisa Architects is another great option for a tiny beach house, which has a stunning view.


The Little House by the Beach by Mondo Beach in Venice is one that we like a lot.

It has a lot of different styles and is perfect for small beach houses.


The Dining Room by the Palafox in the Pantheon in Venice.

The dining room in this house is an absolute must-have.


The Beach House by St. George in Ballymore is one we like very much.

It is quite spacious and has a very unique beach feel to it. 6.

The Ocean View House by Lina by Meco is another one that has an outstanding view of Bali’s coastline.


The Sea House by Ocean Design in Cilento is a very modern design, which is perfect if you want to have a tiny home.


The Lighthouse House by The Beach in Palazzola is another small beach home that we love.


The Bedroom by the Ocean by Loni in Palazola is one with a great view of Venice and the cityscape.


The Kitchen by the Sea by Lolo in PalaZona is another tiny beach home.

It also has a beautiful view of Pala Zona.


The Garage by the sea by the beach by the sand beach by The Ocean in Palacio di Palazzino is another really good tiny beach cottage.


The House by Cinco Palazzi by Cinelo in Palanese is one in which the beach house is the centre.


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