Which are the most popular colors of pencils?

In the mid-1980s, pencils were considered the epitome of a pencil’s virtues.

The art of pencil painting, which had been invented by John Vermeer in the mid 19th century, had been perfected since the 18th century and the world of pencil artists was a safe haven for artists who desired to express their artistic genius.

While the art of drawing has been around for hundreds of years, the art and craft of penciling has been the subject of intense study and research for almost as long.

But the artistry of the pencil art has always been under-studied.

Why is that?

Why did pencils remain the dominant art form for so long?

And why do so many pencils, and many pencil artists, have so much in common?

This series of articles aims to answer these questions by examining the differences between the various varieties of pencil and drawing.

If you’re new to pencils or pencil artists or just curious, this series is for you.