When painting chalk, you should paint it on the walls, too!

By painting chalk on the wall, you can make it feel more personal, like a mural.

Paint chalk to give it a personality, so that you don’t feel like you’re just painting a wall.

I paint chalk paint on the floor.

When I paint chalk on a wall, I paint it in a color I find really flattering.

I use chalk paint because it’s so beautiful, and I like to use it as a base for other colors I want to use.

You can also add color to your paint using spray paint or chalk powder. 

Spray paint works great to create an abstract effect, while chalk powder can make an image pop.

The key is to use a soft paint, so it will be hard to get off.

Mix the two colors together and apply a thin layer.

Then, brush the paint over the wall.

I always start with a base color and move up to another color.

If you don;t have a base paint to start with, you may want to add a second color to the mix.

Once you’ve painted chalk paint over a wall you want to give your painting a personality with an accent color.

Use chalk powder to add an accent, then use a light, soft brush to paint the chalk over it.

Use chalk paint to make a fun, whimsical image for your art, or you can paint chalk to a background or paint a large color over your art.