When I Paint It: How to apply paint in your own home

I recently had the pleasure of attending an art installation that was curated by Concrete Painting Sprayer founder and co-owner Frida Kahlo.

I’d been looking forward to this event since it happened at a friend’s house a few years ago.

I love how Frida and her team of artisans are able to combine the art of painting and the skills of traditional crafts.

They’ve also been incredibly creative in how they’ve applied the paint.

After finishing up the workshop, I decided to give the sprayer a go.

For starters, I wanted to try to get the colour right.

When I got to the studio, the paint was really bright and had a good colour payoff.

But I couldn’t find the right angle.

So I had to experiment a bit more to get that right.

Frida showed me a couple of different angles to try and get it right.

I think it’s just like painting with water or paint.

You just have to try different angles, but in the end, you have to get it to match up. 

I ended up applying it over my wooden floors.

Frida explained that she started with a very thin coat of paint and then slowly went over a lot of it.

She added a little water to the paint and added a small amount of cement to make sure it stayed on the paint, which helped to give it a nice consistency.

As I went over the paint with the paintbrush, I was pleasantly surprised by the consistency.

It worked well on both wooden floors and concrete, even though the concrete was a bit lighter.

I was impressed with how well it worked on both, but I also wanted to be sure that it didn’t over-dry, which is a major problem with many sprayers.

I used about 15 sprayers over a few days to get an idea of the consistency and I think that the paint gave me a nice finish.

Then I used a very fine brush to apply the final coat of the paint to the concrete.

It was smooth and was a very subtle colour.

I wasn’t expecting a great finish, but it was very good.

The paint did take a bit of time to dry.

After a couple more days of use, I didn’t notice any change in the colour or the finish.

This was a huge bonus because this is how I want the finished product to look.

The colour looked a little faded at first, but that faded with time and the paint dried. I didn