What’s the most beautiful Christmas painting you’ve ever seen?

When it comes to the most gorgeous Christmas painting I’ve ever saw, my favorite is probably one by Kermit the Frog, whose face is painted in a lush, soft, saturated color.

(The painting was created for Kermit’s birthday.)

It is also probably my favorite Christmas painting ever because I’ve had this dream ever since I saw it.

The picture was part of my childhood.

I remember watching the film, “Bicentennial of the Stars” and thinking that this is what Kermit was all about, so I made a copy of it.

It was a wonderful thing to have and it had a special meaning to me.

My father was a painter.

He was very much in the tradition of Kermit, and when he died, he left behind a painting of his son that was so beautiful that I decided to do something with it.

I just wanted to show my appreciation.

There are also many other great Kermit paintings that I just can’t imagine being able to show off because they’re not for sale.

They’re for life.

So I took some time to get this painting.

I thought, This is a gift.

The original painting that I got, I didn’t like.

I was so frustrated with the painting that when I found out it was a gift I was in tears.

I mean, how could you paint something that is not a gift?

The thing that made me think of this painting is when I was young, I had a family vacation in Europe, and there was a holiday party for my grandparents.

My dad and my brother and sister-in-law were on that holiday party and they came home with this little painting.

It had a white background, and Kermit had this big, golden face.

So we started talking about this painting and I remember that my dad said to me, You know, we can paint this.

You know what, I can’t, you know, buy this, but you know what?

If we paint this, it’ll be beautiful.

So this painting, like I said, was so amazing that it was almost a gift to me at the time.

The only thing that kept it from being for sale was that my mother-in of course was a huge Kermit fan.

She was always looking at it, and we didn’t know what to do with it because we were like, I don’t know, who’s going to buy this?

My dad thought, What the heck, why don’t we sell it for a profit.

So he started selling it at flea markets, and I was like, You guys know me, I’m a huge, huge Kerampart collector.

So they bought it for $25 and it was very nice.

But my father said, It’s not a Kermit painting.

You can’t paint Kermit in this picture.

He said, Kermit can’t do that.

He couldn’t paint in this painting because Kermit is a cartoon character.

Kermit doesn’t look like a human.

So that’s why I had to make this painting myself.

My mother said, You have to buy a Kerampaint painting.

So my dad bought it, gave it to me and I just started to paint Kerampas in the house.

And I think that’s what made me really happy.

I have another painting of Kermite, and it’s a picture of my dog.

My dog has a Kermite on his belly.

So when I saw that painting, I felt happy and it really made me happy.

This painting was the gift to my family and to me that it meant the world to me to be able to share this painting with everyone.

The painting has always had a wonderful meaning to my heart, and now I can share it with everyone who will look at it and understand the meaning of Christmas.

I know there are many people who don’t get it.

Some people don’t understand the symbolism behind Kermit.

For them, the picture says Kermit isn’t really an animal.

He’s just a cartoon.

And this painting has made me very happy because I know that the Kermit that I have is the Kerampet, and the Kermpet is my favorite thing in the world.

So if you can imagine that, that’s Kermit!

It’s the thing that I am.

So it’s really an honor for me to share it. Thank you.