What It’s Like to Paint a Star Wars Tattoo

What it’s like to paint a Star War tattoo.

Posted September 29, 2018 06:18:00What it’s really like to do a Star Empire tattoo.

In this clip, we learn how it feels to paint one of the most iconic characters in Star Wars lore.

A couple of years ago, I was at a tattoo parlor, and my friend came over with a tattoo of a red, white and blue lightsaber.

She had a good story to tell about how she got it done, and the guy that had done it told her it was the one she always wanted.

The guy was an amazing tattoo artist, and I asked him what he thought of her lightsaber.

He said, “Oh, that’s a cool lightsaber.”

I told him I liked the design.

He said, no, it’s just a lot of red, and blue.

I was like, what?

Then I started looking through his collection, and he was the guy with the coolest lightsaber in the world.

He was always saying he had the best lightsaber ever.

I was thinking, I’ve never seen that lightsaber, and you don’t know where it came from.

So, I went and bought a bunch of cool stuff.

I didn’t know what it was, but I liked it.

So, I looked through it.

I liked what I saw.

And I said, why don’t I take a picture of this lightsaber?

I said, okay, that would be awesome.

I got it out of my purse and took a picture, and put it on the table next to the lightsaber.

Then I said I’m going to do this tattoo.

I put it down on my arm, and this big yellow dot, and a big blue arrow in the middle, and it said “Empire.”

The tattoo artist went, “You can do this, too.”

I went, no way, I’m not doing that.

He was like what the hell, I just wanted a lightsaber.

So I went over to the table, and there was this big white, blue and yellow Star Wars lightsaber, with a big yellow X and a red arrow, and everything else in the same design.

So he took a shot, and shot it again, and again, the arrow.

I thought, this is great, this thing is perfect.

Then he took another shot, shot it, and that was it.

The lightsaber was perfect.

So I got the Star Wars tattoo.

I’m in my bedroom, and on my bed, I have the lightsaber, which I just put down on the floor, and in the background is the little red dot.

I had a lot to say, and no one is going to hear me, because I’m getting the tattoo.