The latest in the watercolor painting craze

By The Author Published February 15, 2016 12:33:47On the heels of the stunning new series of paintings by Australian artist Jodie Meeks, we caught up with a woman who has been painting for a long time and shares some tips on getting started.

Jodie, who also happens to be a member of the Australian Art Gallery, is a true art lover and she says the art world needs to take a fresh look at its old-fashioned way of doing things.

“We are really living in a post-industrial age,” she said.

“Art has become so much more globalised and commodified, and you can’t do art for the environment anymore.”

The ‘Birds and Bees’ series, which features five different watercolors, is set to go on sale in Australia next week.

In one of the paintings, the artist looks out over the beach, while a sea turtle is on the sand.

The title of the painting says it all: Birds and Bees.

“We have the ocean, the birds and the bees, but the painting has a bit more of a point of view,” Ms Meeks said.

She said the series was created in response to the sea turtle’s plight, and to remind the public of the need for conservation.

This is an artist’s concept, but it was a great way to capture the ocean’s beauty and help bring awareness to sea turtle conservation.

She also said the watercolours helped people understand the ecological and environmental issues facing the region.

“I wanted to get people talking about this and show the importance of the oceans and the beauty that it provides,” Ms Jodies said.

The artwork is part of a larger exhibition of watercolour paintings that has been up for a year and a half.

The exhibition is set in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, and has been commissioned by the NSW Government.

Ms Jodys said she was inspired to create the series by reading about the plight of sea turtles in Australia.

“It’s very sad to see these endangered animals going to such a low point and being pushed into extinction,” she explained.

“The fact that these are living and breathing creatures and they’re just being used as a commodity is really upsetting.”

She said she wanted people to realise the importance they put into the oceans, and the importance it holds for society.

“They’re our food, they’re our water and they provide the nutrients that sustain our society, our culture and our way of life,” she added.

The ‘Beach Painting’ series is set across three Australian cities.

Ms Meeks painted a number of beautiful murals on the beach and she said the art had been popular with visitors.

She said it was particularly popular on the weekends when the water was cooler.

But the artwork was also an important part of the work, and it was also a way for people to reflect on their lives.

“A lot of people feel really disconnected with their surroundings,” she admitted.

“You know, you’ve got your car, your TV, your kids and you want to have a good time.

But it’s hard to enjoy the beach with all that stuff around.”

Ms Jods work also drew praise from artists around the world.

“People come up to me all the time and ask if I can do a painting,” Ms Tynan said.

And it’s also been an opportunity to meet artists like Damien Hirst and Matisse, who both studied at the Art Institute of Victoria.

“So we’re just getting really close to that point where they’re like, ‘Wow, this is incredible’,” Ms Tysan said of her work with Ms Jods.

“And I’m like, I’m not really sure I can go back to that world anymore.”

But I think it’s great because there’s a lot of great artists out there.