The eggshell painting that inspired the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement is back in fashion

The egg shell painting that spawned the “Black Lives Matters” movement was created in 2005, and now is back on the market for $125 a pop.

The painting, “Hook and Ladder,” depicts a black man holding a knife, as he climbs into a ladder.

The painting has become a symbol for the movement that emerged after a white police officer fatally shot Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo. in 2014.

As protests against police brutality increased nationwide, the painting became an instant hit, with Instagram users posting photos of themselves holding it in a show of solidarity.

But the painting has been pulled from the marketplace for years, and the popularity of the painting is now fading.

After the popularity began to wane, a new generation of artists began taking over the art form.

“It’s a beautiful work of art, but I don’t think it was intended to be a political statement,” said Lisa T. Jones, who was a college student when she first bought the painting.

For years, the artwork was available at a number of museums and galleries.

Its popularity, Jones said, has waned.

Today, she said, she is “disappointed” in the artwork, but not shocked.

Jones and her husband have also begun selling “Hooked on the Ladder” in limited editions.

There are now more than 5,000 copies on sale in the art market.

Some artists are taking it a step further, selling a replica of the eggshell painted onto a canvas.

According to the American Art Association, the egg shell is one of the most versatile and durable materials on the planet.

It is commonly used in traditional ceramics, as a decorative element in art, as the foundation of glass and as a coating for the paint on canvas.

It is also used to insulate materials like glass, steel, and ceramic.

While the painting’s popularity is waning, some artists are still selling the egg shells.

In recent years, “Black Loses the Boat,” a painting by the artist Thomas Pains, has gained popularity on eBay.

Pains, a former rapper, said that he has been approached by collectors who are interested in selling his painting.

He has offered to give them the painting for a limited time, but he has never received any requests for a painting.

“I’ve never sold a painting before, but now I’ve sold a dozen,” Pains said.

Another artist, T.R.E.A.P., has recently sold his painting “The Red Hot Sauce,” for $250.

This piece of art has become the most talked-about art piece in the history of America.

It’s also one of many examples of contemporary art that have been removed from museums and auction houses.

Since the painting was pulled from auction houses in 2016, the number of egg shells sold on eBay has dropped from about 15,000 to just over 3,000.

What’s your favorite eggshell artwork?