How to paint a diamond painting easell with Graco paint, with the help of a Graco painting sprayer

You may have heard of Graco paints.They are a new type of paint, which can be used for painting.They’re pretty cool, but also they’re pretty expensive.That’s why they’re only available at a few of the major retailers.But that doesn’t mean […]

Jerusalem residents will be allowed to wash their hands with dust to protect their hands from dust, paint remover

In order to prevent dust from accumulating on the hands of residents of Jerusalem, a new program is under way in the capital that will allow them to wash them with dust.According to a new directive issued by the Ministry […]

“Drywall Paint Sprayer” sold for $2,000 at Benjamin Moore Art Gallery

Benjamin Moores newest addition to his home paint collection is a drywall paint sprayers that is the work of Benjamin Moors son, Ben Moores, and his wife, Gaby.Benjamin Moores “Dries Wall Paint” is one of the few “drywall paint sprays” […]