The Latest on ‘Beauty and the Beast’ Season 5: Will We See The Beast’s Hair again?

The latest episode of the Beauty and the B&B Disney Channel series Beauty and The Beast will continue airing this fall, with the return of the Wicked Witch of the West, Belle, and her gang.In addition to the two-part finale, […]

How to Use Fabric Paint on Your Home and Business – DIY Painting Tutorial

When it comes to home decorating, it can be hard to keep things looking good when it’s cold, damp and rainy.We’ve all seen the way some things get over-polished, while others look like they’re made from old clothes.This DIY paint […]

A high-tech way to protect your home from mold and other problems

The new construction materials available in the United States have been hailed as the perfect way to keep your home safe.But, according to the American Society of Civil Engineers, these materials have been shown to cause a range of health […]

The Last Laugh: The Last Five Years of the Cartoon Network series

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