What’s the difference between Rustoleum and Winston?

The two terms are interchangeable, as both paint products are widely available in different countries, but they’re often referred to as rustoleum, and Winston paint is often referred as winston.While Winston paints are made of a high-quality, durable paint, Rustoleums […]

‘I was so scared’: Parents of child killed in Texas school bus crash cry after finding her face paint

“I was afraid I was going to die,” said mother of a 5-year-old student who died after she was killed in a Texas schoolbus crash in March.“I’m just so sad.”In this April 26, 2018 photo, the body of a girl […]

“Drywall Paint Sprayer” sold for $2,000 at Benjamin Moore Art Gallery

Benjamin Moores newest addition to his home paint collection is a drywall paint sprayers that is the work of Benjamin Moors son, Ben Moores, and his wife, Gaby.Benjamin Moores “Dries Wall Paint” is one of the few “drywall paint sprays” […]