Juventus fans boo at Pirlo

On the eve of the season opener against Lazio, Juventus fans chanted “F**k Pirlos” in the Italian capital, with the team’s star player accusing the former Manchester United defender of “sucking up” to the city.

Pirlo had previously told The Guardian in an interview that he was “totally against” the fans’ anti-Pirlos sentiment, adding that he felt the team was “not at the best of times” due to his “poor management”.

“I know that when I left, a lot of people did not like me.

I’m really sorry that I did not succeed in this season,” he said.

“I know this.

I understand the feelings.

But I think I did my best in this period.

I’ve learned a lot.

But this is not a team that has everything.

I think it’s good to see, at the end, that we are not at the worst of times.

I am happy to be back here.

But that’s not all.

I also have a lot to say about the city, the people, the fans.

And to the football team.”

The team is hoping that the “suck-up” incident will have an effect on the team and supporters, who will then decide on whether they want to join them in their boycott.

Pigno said: “I think it is the right decision for the club.

We are a big team and this is our home.

We need to have a positive relationship with our supporters and we will work hard to reach a decision.””

I think this is the moment for us to make a decision.

We have not been together for many years.

It’s a new era for us.

I hope this is a positive one.”

The Bianconeri will face Lazio on Tuesday in the last of four Champions League ties.