Jerusalem residents will be allowed to wash their hands with dust to protect their hands from dust, paint remover

In order to prevent dust from accumulating on the hands of residents of Jerusalem, a new program is under way in the capital that will allow them to wash them with dust.

According to a new directive issued by the Ministry of Interior, residents will now be allowed use of dust remover to remove dust from their hands.

The directive was published on the ministry’s website on Monday, after which it was widely circulated on social media, where people posted images of their hands being cleaned using a dust removers.

The dust remOVER program is intended to protect the health of Jerusalem’s residents from dust-induced illnesses, which are common in the city.

According to a report by the Jerusalem Center for Public Health, in 2015 there were around 2,400 confirmed cases of acute respiratory infections (ARS), and over 5,400 cases of COPD.

According the guidelines, the use of removers on the ground can be used only after a thorough cleaning.

In order to avoid excessive exposure to dust, the program will be limited to residents of the capital who are in the presence of a cleaning facility and are taking a shower, bathing or doing other activities that can expose them to dust.

The program will initially cover only the capital of Jerusalem and the West Bank city of Ramallah, as well as the city of Nablus, but will expand to cover other parts of the city over the coming months.

In addition, the directive stated that residents who wash their faces with a brush or other cleaner must not be allowed near the hands that will be washed.

In the past, dust removals have been strictly prohibited in the West, but in the wake of the 2017 attacks in the US, some Jewish groups have urged the government to allow dust removing in Jerusalem.

The Jerusalem Center, which has been leading efforts to promote the use and regulation of dust, said it is also working with the Israeli Civil Administration (ICA) to implement the guidelines.

“The ICA has already begun to regulate dust in the Jerusalem area and will be taking it up as soon as possible,” the organization said in a statement.

“In addition to dust remOVAL, the ICA will also be taking dust remOURS [preventive measures] and will introduce a policy of limiting the number of people who can enter Jerusalem to 15 people per day and requiring all public servants to wear dust masks and to stay indoors during cleaning operations.”

If we fail to implement these measures, we will lose all of our efforts to preserve the clean and healthy atmosphere in Jerusalem,” the statement said.”

This is an urgent and urgent matter and we urge the IACA and the government of Israel to take immediate action to protect Jerusalem’s people from the dangers of dust,” the IAA said in its statement.