‘Italiano’ – ‘Dazzling’ at the start of the season

It was a day of celebration, of celebration at the beginning of the 2015/16 season. 

The fans, the players and the coaching staff of Inter were all together for a special day of festivities. 

A day of memories. 

As we all know, the season was the beginning of the end for the club. 

In order to get back on track, the club had to win the Serie A title. 

However, the team had a difficult time, the fans were not very happy, and the team was still searching for their first league win. 

Inter’s last season was not an easy one. 

We were not in the Champions League and we didn’t have a lot of time. 

Unfortunately, the following season was very similar to last year, the only difference was the fact that the club did not win the Champions league. 

But in the end, we made the right choice, we are back. 

There is nothing else to say, we did what we had to do. 

It was the start for a new era, for the first time in many years, with a new generation of players. 

What we will remember for the next few years, the next year, will be the atmosphere, the energy and the joy that was created by the fans. 

For the first and only time in my career, I can say that it was a fantastic day. 

Today is the day that I am finally able to say that we have finally started a new season, that we are the champions of the league, and that we finally achieved what we all wanted in our dream to be the best team in the world. 

If the fans are celebrating their team’s success, then the players are also celebrating their achievement, as well as the fans, who gave everything for this team to achieve their dream of winning the Champions’ League. 

They will always be the greatest fans, and I am very proud of them. 

At the beginning, the Inter fans were very sad, especially the ones who have always supported us. 

Now they are excited to see the team’s rebirth. 

One of the reasons why I have started this journey is to show the supporters, the sponsors and the fans that we can do this again. 

When I came here, I wanted to make Inter the team that would never give up on itself, that is why I chose to come here. 

To show the fans how much I want to be here, and how I am not satisfied with where I am at, I decided to leave this club in order to bring a new beginning to Inter. 

And this is the team I am going to be leading. 

I am happy that we did it. 

So I am here to stay. 

 See you next season!