How to paint your new couch, chair, etc.

The new couch will also be the biggest of the bunch.

It will come with four pillows, and six different colors to choose from, along with a pillowcase and cushions.

It’ll be $2,000 when it ships.

The other two are $1,500.

All the items are available online.

I’m sure you can find a couch that’s a bit cheaper, but I’m pretty sure this is a $1k couch for $2k.

┬áThat’s not a bad deal, though, considering how much more expensive this couch will be once you’re done.

This will be the last couch we’ll be able to buy from the seller, but the seller is still selling the other items from his store.

The next step will be to find a new home for this couch.

Hopefully we’ll get some good pictures soon.