How to paint your home interior to look like the exterior house

You’re about to get your exterior paint job done.

This time, it’s your house interior, not your front yard.

It will look and feel like a different place.

You can find out how to paint the exterior of your home to match the interior style of your house.


Get a good paint brush.

Paint brushes are available at most home improvement stores.

If you can’t find a brush that matches the interior paint you’re looking for, go to your local hardware store or hardware store and get a set.

They’re cheap and the quality is usually good.

You don’t have to buy everything at the same time.

Just get the brush and do the job.


Set up a paint station.

Set your paint station up so you can do the interior and exterior of the house.

You’ll want to put up a lighted paint station in your kitchen or bathroom.

You may need a light source for your window, too.

You could also set it up in the basement or your garage.


Make your base.

Get your base plan and set up the base planter.

Use a paint brush to apply paint on the base.

You should be able to get the base out of the paint station and onto a dry surface.


Paint the base, and paint on your work.

Start with the base and work your way down to the rest of the interior.

Don’t worry about getting the entire home ready before you start painting.

You only need to paint on parts of the exterior.

You’re not going to need all of your interior.


Paint on your bases, then paint on any paint you want to add to them.

Paint your base on the inside and the outside of the kitchen, bathroom, or anywhere else you want.

The paint will be visible.


Paint some more on the rest.

Paint a couple of coats of your base to make sure it’s clear, smooth, and dry.

If your base is dry, you’re good to go. 7.

Finish up your work and paint your work area.

You might need to make a few small changes to your work in order to fit into the house, but you’re done when you’re finished.


You’ve got your base, but there are a few things to consider.

First, how will your house look if you paint it in a different color than your house?

Second, how much of the work will be done inside the house?

You’ll have to paint up to 10 inches of your exterior walls to make your house the right size for your needs.


You will need to clean up after your work, but if you’ve got a paint box or something to put it in, you can leave it at home.


You probably need to do some work outside of your paint job, too, but not as much as the inside.

That’s where your basement or garage come in.