How to Paint Your Dog’s Back Door

A few weeks ago I was cleaning out my garage when I came across a very interesting package of dog paint sprayers.

I immediately grabbed the cheapest of the bunch and started painting my garage front door.

After a few minutes of experimenting I found that my dogs eyesight was a bit limited so I decided to give them a bit of extra paint before I headed to the store to buy a new set.

Once there I was greeted by a very cute little dog with a huge grin on his face.

“Mmm, paint me a nice coat!” he said.

He’s got his nose buried in the paint cans, which he’s clearly enjoyed.

Since I’m the one who painted his back door, I’m not the only one who loves the new paint job.

While I don’t usually do it with my dogs, I’ve been meaning to try it with other dogs for a while now.

With so many options for dog paint, it’s no wonder we love them so much.