How to Paint Sunflowers in a WindowPaint Stripper

Paint Stripper is a fun, easy and fun way to paint a window with a variety of different sunflowers.

Start with a light blue background and use a wide range of paints, from watercolor paints to acrylics.

Next, paint the entire window with watercolor paint, then paint the same window with paintstripper.

You can then finish the entire painting with the same paintbrush or spray paint.

To start, paint a large area of the window, then spread the paint around the whole area.

You’ll have a lot of room to paint, and you can easily paint small parts of the whole window, making it easy to work with smaller parts.

To add a splash of color, choose a dark brown background, paint it slowly, then add a few dots of color to highlight the area.

After adding the color, paint away, letting the color dry for about 10 minutes.

Now, use a spray bottle to spread the colors around the entire area.

If you like, you can also spray paint the whole wall, and then paint it in a single layer.

To finish the painting, spray the entire wall with watercolors or a clear acrylic paint, but only if you have a window in your room.

You don’t have to do this in your kitchen or bathroom, because the wall will dry completely.