How to make your own owl-themed body paint

A simple, but effective way to add a little color to your next paint job is by painting your owl.

Here’s how: If you’re just getting started with body painting, here are a few ideas that you might enjoy: Wearing owl-inspired clothes (or even just a hoodie) to cover your body. 

You can use owl-print hoodies for a quick look-alike look. 

Wear a headband with a bird or owl embroidered in it, such as a wreath or bird of paradise. 

The owl can also be used as a focal point of a painting. 

A painting can be done with your owl, bird or a combination of both. 

Using the owl as the focal point can also create a sense of adventure. 

This is an owl painting by A.D. Dore, from the “Behr Paintings Collection” at the Smithsonian Institution.