How to make pumpkin painting ideas with a ‘pink’ colour palette

Halloween is coming and so is a new art style, the ‘pumpkins painted lady’ and her equally colourful counterpart. 

But what are these two art styles and how do you apply them to your decorating? 

The answer is, it depends. 

The most common is a simple, bright colour palette, but there are a few options for using a more vibrant palette. 

Here are some of the options that are popular right now. 

From left to right: red, yellow, blue and purple, a colour scheme that combines green, yellow and purple and red, orange and blue Pumpkin Painting Ideas You Can Use a palette to create the most exciting and colourful pumpkin painting idea you can imagine. 

With a pink or white base, use it to paint a painting that shows off your unique style. 

You can add glittery sparkles to the paintwork to add interest. 

If you want a more subdued colour, try using a dark base with more of a matte finish. 

It will make the colours pop. 

And then there’s the ‘cute’ pumpkin painting. 

There’s a trend now to create an art piece that looks like a cute pumpkin. 

This is achieved by adding a subtle pink or pinky shade to the base colour. 

Use a darker base with a matte or gloss finish. 

 The base colour should not be too bright, since it’ll highlight the pumpkin itself. 

Try a lighter colour than usual, so that it looks like the pumpkin is painted in an off-white background. 

When you’re done, you can mix the colours together to create a pumpkin paint. 

Paint on a colour palette and apply a little colour to each area to add a sparkle. 

Add glitter and glittery touches to the design. 

What about the pumpkin? 

Some artists have taken the concept a step further by adding the face to the work. 

To create the effect, paint the pumpkin on a black background, adding a bit of glitter and a glittery touch. 

Then add a bit more glittery colour to the background to add some interest. 

 And for a more playful look, paint your own pumpkin, creating an intricate and fun design.

You can find more pumpkin painting inspiration in the gallery below: