How to Create a ‘Real’ Painting of your Own from a Paint Can

What if you could take a canvas and paint it on, or print it out, with just a brush and ink?

That’s what artist Sarah Tishkoff hopes to do with her latest work.

In her latest project, called The Real Painting, Tishkelford creates a portrait of herself from a paint can.

“I wanted to have this experience that is completely real and has a real-life element, so that people can have the opportunity to look at it and see it as if it was actually being painted on, and to be able to say, ‘This is me,'” she told BuzzFeed News.

The results, which will be exhibited at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York on April 30, are so convincing that they’re even worth paying attention to, as Tishkowski told BuzzFeed.

“This is the most real painting I’ve ever made,” she said.

The artist said that she got the idea to create the painting after she visited the National Museum of American History’s “The Art of Painting” exhibition, which she describes as “the first major exhibition of American painters that was a museum of the painting.”

The museum exhibited the painting on May 12.

“The painting was very much about the process of creating, and the artist in me was like, ‘If I can make this painting, I can create a painting,’ ” she said, noting that she had been “inspired by paintings by Salvador DalĂ­, Picasso, and Rembrandt.”

“It’s not just a painting, but a process.”

The artist, who is originally from New York City, said that the painting took about two weeks to create.

“It took me a couple of weeks to really create it,” she explained.

The finished painting.

What’s a painting?

Tishkoff explained that the idea came about because she was looking for a “cool” way to express her love of art, and was looking to make a “real” painting.

She said that this process was “about finding a way to make something that’s a little more authentic than anything I’ve done before.”

“I really liked the idea of the ‘real’ painting, because I love the way that it feels,” she added.

“And so I thought, if I can do that, then what’s the next thing?”

The artist explained that she chose to use a paint pot because it’s “pretty standard, and it has a very consistent consistency.”

She said the pot is a mix of black, white, and orange, and has “a really good surface texture.”

She added that she used a paintbrush and an inkbrush to make the “painted” canvas.

Tishkelton added that the final painting was created using “an ink that was just super-thin,” and she said that “it’s like an organic paint.”

The final results of the “real painting” are an impressive work of art.

“You can really see the detail in this painting,” she told the artist.

“When you look at the canvas, it’s like a painting in the sense that you’re looking at a piece of artwork that’s actually been painted on.

It’s very, very precise, and you can see the lines, and I think it looks very good.”

The finished work.

“Real” painting with a brush.

(Photo: Sarah Tshkoff) Tishkovitz says that she hopes the “Real Painting” project will inspire people to create their own paintings.

“That’s something I think the real painting will have the greatest impact on the world,” she concluded.

The full “The Real Painting” exhibit will be on display at the Museum of Modern Art, in New City, on April 28.

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