‘Feminist artist’ says ‘women are just the ones who can’t be feminists’

The painting company that sold a controversial painting of a female soldier has apologised for the work, saying it was meant to “underline the strength of our team”.

The painting, entitled ‘Woman Warrior’, was sold to a buyer for $10,000 and depicts a soldier with the words “women are the ones that cannot be feminists” emblazoned on her chest.

It was painted by a Brazilian artist named Mariana Silva and sold by an artist named Guido Gatti.

The Brazilian-born artist had originally sold the painting for $12,000.

“It was not intended as a feminist work,” Ms Silva told the Times of Asia, adding that the company “apologises for this offence”.

“I have to say that we had a very good idea and we were very good at marketing the painting and selling it to the right buyer,” she said.

The painting was not the only controversial work sold by Ms Silva’s company.

Last year, she sold a work of art called ‘My Little Girl’ to an art gallery in Japan, where it was reportedly stolen and used to create a statue of a young girl.

The artwork, which was commissioned by a group called the “International Alliance of Women for Peace and Development”, depicts a woman in a traditional Asian costume holding a gun.

The artist has denied the work was stolen.

In a statement to the Times, Ms Silva said: “We have always done our best to promote the work and respect women, especially our women and girls.”

We apologise to anyone who was offended by this work and we take our responsibility very seriously.

“Ms Silva said the artwork was designed to celebrate the resilience of women in combat.”

In a situation where women are the only ones that can not be feminists, we need to show them the strength that they have to survive, and not let them down,” she added.