“Drywall Paint Sprayer” sold for $2,000 at Benjamin Moore Art Gallery

Benjamin Moores newest addition to his home paint collection is a drywall paint sprayers that is the work of Benjamin Moors son, Ben Moores, and his wife, Gaby.

Benjamin Moores “Dries Wall Paint” is one of the few “drywall paint sprays” on the market that uses a water-based paint system instead of a liquid one.

The sprayer uses a sprayer cartridge that can be refilled with water to make a thin coat of paint.

It is meant to be used on drywall, tile, wood, stone and other types of wall and flooring.

The Moores own paint company, Benjamin Moains Paint & Graffiti, specializes in wall and ceiling wall art.

They have several drywall painting products, including the Benjamin Moours “Dried Wall Paint Sprayer” which is priced at $2.99.

The Benjamin Moares “Drys Wall Paint Sprayer” is available for $1.99 at BenjaminMoores.com and at Benjamin’s own store, Benjamin & Sons, which sells drywall and plaster products.

Ben Benjamin Moires son Ben Moors, a professional artist, and Gaby Moores painted a mural on the wall of Benjamin & Son’s shop, BenjaminMoors.com.

Gaby is also a professional painter and has painted a variety of murals for her business, Benjamin Brothers Art.

The Benjamin Moirles sons painting work, which is featured in the new Benjamin Moords book, “The Ben Moore Family Art,” is described in the book as “brilliant, surreal, and stunning.”

“He created the painting with a palette of water-filled paint cartridges that were meant to drywall.

He used a sprayers cartridge to spray the paint onto the walls of his home and the ceiling of his business,” the book says.

The painting of Benjamin and Gacy Moores wall painting has been featured in The New York Times, The Huffington Report and The Wall Street Journal.

Benjamin Mooras wife Gaby, who is a professional paint artist and designer, also created the mural.

Gaby Moore and Benjamin Mooris sons son Ben and Gadeo Moores are currently in the process of opening Benjamin &Son’s new business in New Orleans.

Benjamin & Sons has offices in Houston and New York.