Cloud art for your app

By now you’ve probably seen these incredible works of art floating around the Internet: watercolors, abstractions, and more.

In fact, the art has already caught the eye of Apple and its partners.

And, if you want to make it even more impressive, they’ve offered up a way to add some of the work to your app.

Apple has offered the Cloud Art Platform (Caps) to developers for the purpose of creating new artwork for the app.

If you’re interested in seeing what Apple’s offering, check out our full review.

But before you start, let’s make sure you’re comfortable with what Apple is offering.

Apple is taking its Cloud Art platform a step further by offering developers an app that you can install on your own device, using the Cloud Platform.

In other words, you’ll need to install the Cloud App on your device and add the cloud-based images to it, as well as the source code to the app (this is all built in).

Once you do this, you can add the artwork as a part of the app, in addition to any other images that might be stored locally.

Once you’re done, you should see the artwork in the Cloud.

If the app isn’t showing up, it might be because the source is in a different folder than the Cloud app.

Either way, it’s a great way to get creative and create something that’s both aesthetically pleasing and also works as a Cloud art piece.

The Cloud Art Tutorial Let’s start by looking at how to create your first Cloud Art piece using the new Caps.

You can download the source for this tutorial from the Apple Developer website, but for now, we’ll stick to the code.

Open the Cloud Application and add a new artwork.

For this tutorial, we’re going to be using the image for our new cloud-themed app.

Once it’s added, click the Add New button and follow the onscreen instructions to complete the process.

Now, when you’re finished with your app, it should show up in the app drawer.

As you can see, the artwork is now installed on your app and can be added to any Cloud Art.

Here’s what it looks like on your iPad: