How to create an ibis painting with the ibislotting brush

Simple painting ideas with ibispatch are not something new.I bought ibiscapitalis in the 70s for my parents who wanted to make a house out of a big ibiss paintbrush.But, back then, the ibeislotts were pretty difficult to find.The ibiskart has […]

What’s the difference between Rustoleum and Winston?

The two terms are interchangeable, as both paint products are widely available in different countries, but they’re often referred to as rustoleum, and Winston paint is often referred as winston.While Winston paints are made of a high-quality, durable paint, Rustoleums […]

‘This is the real thing’: ‘Exterior house painting’ by Edward Hopper

The Washington Post article The real estate giant Edward Hoppers home in the heart of the District’s urban center has been decorated in a painting by his late wife, the city said Monday.The Hoppers painted a two-story home at a […]