The Last Laugh: The Last Five Years of the Cartoon Network series

After being in the spotlight for a long time, Cartoon Network is finally starting to get back to its roots with the launch of the highly anticipated animated series The Last 5 Years of Cartoon Network.The series was previously in […]

Paint primer: What it is, how to apply, and how to get rid of the mess

How do you get rid, say, of the dreaded paint primer residue?Paint primer can ruin a job well done.For some, primer is not only a nuisance but a hindrance.The paint must be thoroughly cleaned after each coat to prevent it […]

How to Make a Paint Bucket for your Kids with Paint Bucket and Paintball Painting Supplies

Lowes paints paint colors and puffy paint paint, and you can also buy it in a variety of colors to make your own.Here are the steps to getting your own DIY paint bucket for your kids.Lowes Paint Bucket DIY KitLowes […]