A ‘Squidward’ Painting Is an American Paint Horse in His Own Home

A painting by artist Tom Squidward that was featured in a recent National Geographic documentary was stolen from a house in Chicago and sold to a man who used it as a front door paint horse.

The painting was sold for $600 and was returned to the family of the artist who bought it.

The original owner, Tom Squide, told the Associated Press he was “horrified” by the theft and is now preparing to take legal action against the man who sold it to Squidwards family.

In the video that aired Tuesday, Squidnings grandson told the photographer that the painting had been painted on his grandmother’s porch.

Squid, whose real name is Robert J. Squide and is the son of painter Tom Squids grandson, said he received a phone call Tuesday morning from the owner of the home where the painting was taken.

“It was a guy who was trying to sell the painting,” Squid said, adding that the owner did not have permission to sell it to anyone.

Squids granddaughter said the painting has been on her grandmothers porch for the past four years.

“I think it was the first time I had seen it,” she said.

The owner of Squidies house was not immediately available for comment.

A National Geographic crew was at the home Monday afternoon and met with the family who said they were shocked and saddened by the news.

Squides grandson said he thought the painting could be for the benefit of the community and hoped it would be returned.

He said he was not sure how many people had seen the painting, and was unsure how many of them have bought it for $400.

“We were just hoping someone would come and get it,” Squide said.

Squiddies granddaughter said she had never seen the mural before but was glad it was gone.

“The only reason it got to be here was because of the way the painting looks,” she told the AP.

“And it’s a good thing.

But it was a painting by Tom Squides and he did something for the community.”