A painting by the artist of the great British naval battleship HMS Victory

In a series of paintings, the artist’s son is painting HMS Victory in the colours of the flag of her late mother, the Queen.

In a series, the painter’s son paints HMS Victory (Image: Getty)In the latest installment of his painting series, titled HMS Victory, the son of painter James Woodford-Woodford paints the Queen in the Queen’s colors.HMS Victory, which is painted in 1816, was built in 1818 by Queen Victoria and was commissioned to defend Portsmouth, England, against a Japanese invasion.

Woodford-Wright-Woodfords mother was born in Edinburgh in 1823.

In his painting, the family has painted HMS Victory.HMAS Victory is seen as a British warship in the foreground.

The artist’s painting is on display at the National Maritime Museum in Portsmouth.

HmishWoodfordWoodford and his wife, Helen, painted a number of paintings during their childhood.

They worked as seamen on the British Royal Navy’s Royal Aircraft Establishment (RAE), but their main interest was in painting the Queen, and in particular, her flag.

The Queen’s flag, which was flown at her coronation in 1937, is known as the White Star, a symbol of British supremacy.

In 1814, the Royal Navy launched a massive attack on the French port of Dunkirk, which lasted until the French surrendered in 1918.

The British defeated the French in the Battle of the Somme in 1916.HMSA Victory is pictured as she sails past the Tower of London in London, England.HMHMs Victory was one of the ships commissioned to protect the Queen at the Battle for the Falkland Islands in 1982.

In 2015, Woodford Woodford, who is the son and nephew of the artist, commissioned a painting of HMS Victory that featured the Queen as a child, which he had previously commissioned.HMTW Woodford said in a statement that the painting “reflects the many ways that the Queen was a symbol for Britain and the United Kingdom”.

“In the painting, we see the Queen sitting in her rocking chair in the rocking chair of her rocking ship, HMS Victory,” he said.

“Her face and hands are raised in the air, a gesture that is a tribute to the power of the Queen and her leadership in defending the Empire.”

The painting is the latest in a series by Woodford that explores themes of the monarchy.HMWF Woodford told the BBC that the series of photographs and paintings were meant to show the Queen is a symbol to Britain.

“The Queen has been a symbol around the world, and we want to show that we still love her and she’s a strong, resilient and loving leader who cares for her people,” he added.

“I hope the public will see her as the queen who cares and protects us and the nation, not the king.”