3,500 gallons of acrylic pour paint in ‘bizarre’ paint mishap that left workers ‘trapped’

The workers who painted the top half of the wall of the home of an artist in rural Wisconsin were trapped for weeks as the wall came apart.

The artists said they spent two weeks on a tractor to remove the remaining paint from the wall and then moved on to the next one, but when they returned to finish painting it, they found the walls were covered in white paint.

A Wisconsin man’s painting of the artist’s home came apart and was covered in a black substance in April, 2015, after he accidentally poured a white paint onto it.

They also said a contractor was supposed to finish the painting and that was never done.

In the end, the contractor had to fix it by welding the two halves together.

“I was able to get a hammer and I just broke the whole thing open and was able get a whole bunch of paint out and it was just amazing,” said John Schaller, who painted on the side of the house.

He said the wall that came apart had been painted over in black.

Schaller said he had been working on the wall for a couple years.

When the contractor finished, he said the contractors told him to leave it and the contractors had told him that they would do a new wall.

However, Schallers says they were not supposed to leave the new wall, but he was told that it would be a new piece of work.

After three months, he was hired by another contractor to work on the painting.

Two months later, he heard that he was going to be paid a $2,500 bonus.

At that point, he decided to start looking for another job, so he started looking for an apartment in Milwaukee.

And while he was looking, he stumbled across a mural painted on a wall in a bar that was covered with a white layer of paint.

The mural was not a mural.

It was just a white, opaque wall.

And that was it.

He called the artist to tell him that he had to move on and that he could not have the mural painted in a mural again.

Schallers and the artist had not been alone in their struggles to paint over a mural and they were told to go to a painting supply store and paint over the mural, but they refused.

The artists were also told they were on their own for the time being and that they could not paint again.

“I said, ‘If you don’t come to me with a painting contract, I’m going to do it myself, and I’m not going to get any more money,'” Schallester said.

The artist was able, after several attempts, to paint the mural back.

Then, in June of 2016, they received a call that they were being offered a job by another company.

The company said they had two days to come up with an offer for the artist.

Schallerd said they were surprised that they did not immediately receive an offer from the company.

He said they eventually got an offer, and they called to cancel the contract.

“When we got that call and said, we’re not going anywhere,” Schallert said.

“We were like, ‘Well, that’s it, we can’t get this job.'”

Schallert is now working on a new painting, and the artists said that after he finished the painting, they were able to find a job for another artist.

While the artist said they are not going back to the original mural, Schalley said they will keep the mural.

“The people that did it, it was amazing,” Schalers said.